Our Story

Alberto and Andrew, two 18 year old Mexican entrepreneur high school students began marketing traditional Mexican bracelets handmade by hard working indigenous artisans from the area.

They began selling these bracelets at their schools among their classmates and soon gained a series of customers from their entire community and their city of Puerto Vallarta.

Alberto and Andrew visualized an enormous potential for these colorful bracelets abroad and at the same time the opportunity to help each time more hard-working Indian artisans and their families located in the states of Chiapas and Nayarit many whom suffer from a high degree of poverty and lack of basic resources.

They achieved this by employing a great number of them and giving back 20% of the net profits to their rural communities allowing them to fulfill their basic needs and offer better education levels for the children of these communities.

Alberto and Andrew are looking forward through what is to come for them in this new journey and invite you to rock the wide selection of beautiful colorful handmade Hapani Bracelets sold with a cause!

Local Communities

Total Funds Raised

Common Cause

Giving back is one of the most important aspects of Hapani Bracelets and was one of our main motivations to start this company. We believe every small positive action can have significant benefits in our society and improve the life of others.

We are committed to donating 20% of all our net profits to the indigenous communities of the Mexican states of Nayarit and Chiapas same who we thank of serving as the inspiration of this project. Unfortunately, the rural areas in which they live are unfavorable and lacking most basic needs and services. We are pleased to be involved in the mission of helping these communities by creating plenty of full-time jobs supporting, helping children get an education, and taking our company profits to improve their households. Guarding and giving voice to these hard-working indigenous community members is also our responsibility we are achieving through being close to them and expressing their needs to the authorities and society. 

We want the world to appreciate their art and hear their voices! Environmental preservation is another crucial aspect we focus on. Our goal is to preserve and let people know of the endangered natural areas in Mexico and how they can help us keep preserving them!

As we keep growing, we look forward to supporting much more causes of different kinds all over the world. If you have a cause in mind which you believe we should start supporting please let us know by emailing us to info@hapanibracelets.com